Official Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime IMEI Permanent Unlock

Important: Select the Current Network your Unlock Samsung is Locked to. Do NOT select the network you want to use.


Unlock Samsung phone for all carriers

When someone buys a Samsung phone it often comes with a carrier inbuilt whose network will work only on this phone. Hence, this comes with many restrictions. Therefore, it becomes a mandate for a user to unlock the Samsung phone. At Samsung Unlocks we provide the best and fastest services to unlock Samsung Phone. The reason why it becomes a mandate for a user to unlock Samsung phone being that once your phone is locked with one carrier that means only their network will work on that phone. So, in any case, if a user finds hard to cope with that network, they still need to use it because of this carrier barriers. To use any other network carrier on your phone it is necessary to unlock Samsung phone. To unlock Samsung phone one can either connect with the network carrier or can connect with a third party service provider for the unlock code. We(Samsung Unlocks) being that third party service provider will give all the necessary details and instructions to fetch the unlock code to unlock the Samsung phone.

While asking the unlock code from a network carrier comes with many ifs and buts. But, when asking us to fetch the unlock code to unlock Samsung phone none of these ifs and buts are applied.

Let’s explain to you how to get unlock code for Samsung phone.

How to get unlock code for Samsung phones

Your two-year contractual time is up and now you wish to change to another carrier which is more money-saving. But, sadly, your phone is locked with that network carrier and to jump to another one you need to unlock your Samsung phone from the icy hands of your current network. Thanks to the legislation and the Federal Communications Commission has made this process of unlocking the way to easier and legal. To unlock your Samsung phone you’ll be requiring some information handy. Once shared the required information you come to a step closer to get the unlock code to unlock the Samsung phone. Keeping that in mind, under the tutelage of our service provider you’ll get your Samsung phone code.

Unlocking instructions for Samsung phone

To unlock Samsung phone from any carrier you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select the brand name for your device.
  2. Select the model number/name of your device
  3. Select the country where the device is locked.
  4. Lastly, select your network carrier with which your device is locked.
  5. Make the payments for your services. You can use either of these options to pay us - PayPal or Credit and Debit cards of - MasterCard, Visa, American Express and discover.

Once made with the payments, our service provider will be asking for your device’s IMEI number. To get this number you can either call on #06# or check at the back of your phone under the battery pack on a silver sticker. This 15 digit number will help us to fetch the unlock code from the network carrier for you.

Once you get this unlock code, insert another SIM in your device which is NOT of your current carrier. After you insert the SIM it’ll ask for the unlock code. Insert that unlock code and unlock your Samsung phone.

NCK, MCK or SPCK codes for Samsung phone

After understanding the process on how to unlock your Samsung phone let us understand these codes for your Samsung phone

NCK stands for ‘Network unlock key’. This means when a customer buys a phone from a mobile provider, it is presumptive that it comes with a carrier whose network is the only thing that’ll work on the device. To unlock Samsung phone from this balk comes the NCK code. This code breaks-free your device from this barrier.

You can get the NCK code to unlock your Samsung phone  by using your IMEI number. This 15 digit number can be found either at the back of the phone under the battery pack or at the mobile box or one can call on *#06* to get this number. This IMEI number will guide one on how to unlock your Samsung phone from this NCK lock. You can obtain your NCK code by either contacting your mobile provider or unequivocally contact Samsung Unlocks. We will be requiring your IMEI number to get you the unlock code for your Samsung phone .

In any case, if someone fortuitously ends up entering an incorrect unlock codes too many times, then they need an unfreeze code which is also called MCK code. It is more commonly known as Master Code Key. This unfreeze code helps one to unlock the Samsung phone which gets hard locked due to too many attempts entering a wrong code. This code is to be used only when your phone displays a message - phone freeze. Once you’ll enter the MCK code it might still show a message denying the code. You shouldn’t be worrying.  Once you enter the MCK code then you need to enter the NCK or SPCK code.

SPCK code stands for Service Provider Code Key. This is another type of unlock code that differs from an NCK(Network unlock code). One needs this code only when the Samsung phone demands one. When a customer inserts a SIM that is not of their current network, then the phone demands a code. Now, that’s when the user must know if the phone is demanding an NCK code or an SPCK code. Either of these codes can be fetched from a mobile shop, or from a network carrier or from a third party service provider like Samsung Unlocks.

NCK, MCK and SPCK codes are eight digit numbers that will help you to unlock your phone either ways.

Factory Unlock your Samsung phone

Factory unlocks are viable only when one buys a phone directly from a manufacturer. Means, when one will buy your Samsung phone directly from the Samsung instead of any retailer only then a factory unlock code works. To fetch your factory unlock code for your Samsung phone you can either contact Samsung itself or can ask us. While taking help from Samsung to get the factory to unlock code for Your Samsung phone you need to fulfill the following parameters to attain this code.

  1. Your phone has no outstanding payments to be made.
  2. The network carrier with which your phone was locked isn’t in contractual tenure.

But, with Samsung Unlocks there are none of these conditions are applied. We would be just requiring your IMEI number with the help of which we will ask the manufacturer to give the factory unlock code for your Samsung phone. This process of getting factory unlock code for your Samsung phone not at all hassle work.

After giving an insight about your Samsung phone unlock codes we shall give you a brief on how to unlock your Samsung phone with the device unlock app.

Unlock your Samsung phone  with “Device Unlock App”

In 2014, the world came to know about another way of unlocking your device. This is called the Device Unlock app. Not all devices can be unlocked with this app. Only a few devices like Samsung phones are eligible to avail this service. Also, this service is available on these devices ONLY if they are locked with either T-Mobile or MetroPCS.

From 2015 onwards this device unlock app was made functional on the devices locked with either T-Mobile or MetroPCS.Ideally, this your Samsung phone unlock code can be provided by these two network carrier only. But, we will help you fetch this code by registering your Samsung phone  IMEI number with these network carriers as unlocked phones. Following this, you need to download the device unlock app and enter the unlock code now and select ‘permanent unlock’. Following these simple steps, you’ll be able to get your Samsung phone to unlock code for T-mobile or MetroPCS.  

Now that we have given an insight into all the unlock codes for your Samsung phone we take this opportunity to tell the benefits to get the unlock codes from us.

Benefits to unlock your Samsung phone with Samsung Unlocks

We won’t gloat that we are the only ones providing these services. There are many other service providers who provide these services but with Samsung Unlocks we make sure of one thing that our customers don’t have to make much of botheration to get Samsung phone to unlock codes. Let’s give you some valid points why you should choose us for your Samsung phone unlock codes.

  1. We make sure that we convey every bit of information to our customers
  2. Be it factory unlock code for your Samsung phone or NCK code or SPCK code or MCK code we make sure that we timely and swiftly deliver the unlock code respectively.
  3. We communicate with our customers over the mail and make a point not to bother with unnecessary phone calls.
  4. BIGGEST benefit to choose is that our consultation price is the lowest among all these service providers.
  5. Also, if at any point of time we are unable to deliver the right code for your Samsung phone there is a 100% refund policy.

We are sure with all these convincing points Samsung Unlocks provides the best services…